Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I have to have completed candidacy to participate in workshops/training opportunities?

A1. No, all graduate students, including Master’s students, and postdocs are welcome to participate in any and all workshops.


Q2. Do I have to have passed candidacy to be eligible to compete?  

A2. Yes, only PhD students who have passed their candidacy exams.


Q3. If I plan on competing, do I have to attend all workshops?

A3. While we encourage you to take advantage of all the training opportunities, you are only required to attend 1 workshop.


Q4. Can I compete if I have competed in the past?

A4. Yes, but you cannot use the same presentation.  You must update the presentation to be completely new.


Q5. How do I sign-up for workshops?

A5. Please visit to register for the professional development training workshops which are a part of the 3MT® series.


Q6. How do I register to compete?

A6. Please visit for information and to register to compete.


Q7. Why should I compete?

A7. The 3MT® competition provides graduate students with the opportunity to sharpen their professional development skills, reignite their passion for discovery, promote preeminent research, and foster community within the Graduate School.


Q8. Are there prizes?

A8. Yes!

Qualifying Heats (3 Finalists from each College)

Finalists                   $100 (9 Total)

Final Competition

1st Place                  $2,000

2nd Place                 $1,500

People's Choice       $1,000


Q9. What is the attire for the preliminary and final events?

A9. Preliminary - business casual | Final - business formal


Check out Career Services Pinterest Board on professional dress!