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Can you explain your research in three minutes?


Please come join us for a kick-off event and information session on Thursday February 22, 2018.  We will provide information about the benefits of 3MT, you will have the chance to hear from past participants, and we will answer any questions you might have.  You also will get a sneak-peak at the workshop schedule!

February 22, 2018 - Information Sessions.  Learn more about what 3MT is, why you should participate, timeline, and rules/requirements. Please register HERE to join us in the Jordan Science Hall Reading Room from 5-7pm Thursday February 22, 2018.

February 22, 2018 - March 26, 2018 - Competition Registration open, register here. Registration deadline is 11:59 p.m. EST on March 26, 2018.

March 26, 2018 - Competition Registration deadline is 11:59pm EST on March 26, 2018.

March 2018 – April 2018 – Students participating in Shaheen 3MT® will be expected to attend 1 Professional Development workshop of their choosing in order to be eligible for division qualifying heats.  Workshops offered are as follows:

  • Once Upon A Time – Storytelling as a Tool for Teaching and Learning - 03/19/18
  • Distilling Your Research in a 3MT Format - 03/20/18, 03/29/18
  • Improvisation for Scholars – Utilizing Improv Techniques to Connect with an Audience - 03/24/18
  • Visual Presentation of Information – Making Your Slide - 03/23/18, 03/27/18
  • Stage Presence – Nonverbal Communication - 03/19/18
  • Stage Presence – Engaging Your Audience - 03/26/18
  • One Button Studio – Virtual Coaching for 3MT - 03/20/18, 03/28/18, 04/04/18

Students may register for the Professional Development workshops at the events portal.

Please note, One Button Studio does NOT fulfill the Professional Development workshop criteria and is to be used as a supplementary tool.

April 2, 2018 - Single static slide deadline for college qualifying heats is 11:59pm EST on April 2, 2018.   Email static slide for your Shaheen 3MT® presentation to gprofdev@nd.edu.

April 9 - April 13, 2018 - Qualifying heats will be run within each College (Engineering, Arts & Letters, and Science).

  • Judges will determine 3 Finalists who will move on to the Final event on April 23, 2018
  • Each Finalist will win $100 (3 Winners from each College)
  • Schedule below:





Judge #1

Judge #2

Judge #3

Judge #4


5 - 7pm


Carey Auditorium

Kathleen Eberhard John Lubker

Karla Cruise

Vania Smith-Oka


5 - 7pm



Jordan Hall of Science Rm 101 Rebecca Wingert Shaun Lee Steven Buechler TBD


5 - 7pm


DeBartolo Hall Rm 155 Mark McCready Valli Sarveswaran Bill Schneider TBD

**College dates above are subject to change.


April 16, 2018 - Static Slide for Final event deadline (11:59 p.m. EST).  Please email your slide in Powerpoint format (Set slide to standard (4:3), 10" Wide, 7.5" Height) to  gprofdev@nd.edu.

Monday, April 23, 2018 - 5 - 7pm,  Final event at Jordan Auditorium, Mendoza College of Business,  9 participants.

Battle of the Colleges!

  • Judges will determine 1st and 2nd prizes for the competition
  • Audience will vote on a People’s Choice Award – 3rd Prize
  • Prizes:  1st Place $2,000, 2nd Place $1,500, People’s Choice Award $1,000
  • Networking reception to follow awarding of prizes

Notre Dame is excited to partner with the Idea Center at Innovation Park and make 3MT part of IDEA WEEK.

For more information about IDEA Week visit the IDEA Center.

Ideaweek Full Blue Outline





Qualifying Heats (3 Finalists from each College)

Finalists                     $100 (9 Total)


Final Competition

1st Place                  $2,000

2nd Place                 $1,500

People's Choice       $1,000