Meet the 2016 Winners

Champion: Maria Gibbs, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Maria's presentation "Dancing Bridges: A Human-Centered Approach to Prevent Flutter in Footbridges" described her research on an innovative hand-held device for stabilizing long span footbridges in the developing world. Footbridges provide necessary and urgent access to villages, schools, shops and healthcare. Maria's advisor is Prof. Ahsan Kareem.


Runner-up: Nicholas Myers, Chemistry

In Nicholas's presentation "Paper Test Cards to Monitor Antibiotic Quality in Low Resource Areas,"​ he described his research into producing a fast and inexpensive means of testing whether a prescription drug is safe and reliable for consumption. This is an especially important and impactful advancement in drug testing, as counterfeit and low-quality medicine remains a devastating scourge in the developing world. Nicholas is advised by Prof. Marya Lieberman.


People's Choice Award: Claire Bowen, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

Through a presentation titled “Big Brother in Big Data,” Claire shared her work on addressing consumer privacy concerns. She is working on an algorithm that provides a high level of privacy protection for media users and on-line consumers while preserving the statistical structure of big datasets for researchers, corporations, and government agencies. Her research provides a means for addressing the confidentiality issues of Big Data. Claire's advisor is Prof. Fang Liu.